"18 years old I started my photography business, and since then I’ve considered myself a photographer. I’ve done anything from studio work to press photography, commercial and editorial. Produced numerous exhibitions, books, artistic projects and multimedia presentations. Taught classes in Photoshop, analogue techniques and Art/Documentary/Photography studies. I have a bachelors degree in Photography and studied Journalism at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden."


Born 1963 in Halmstad, Sweden.
Journalism, Gothenburg University, Sweden 1997
BA in Photography, Gothenburg University, Sweden 1987 – 1992
2022 Hakodate – book release and exhibition, Galleri Ping-Pong,  Malmö
2017 Natural Specimen and Peony, Fotogalleriet Blå Huset, Hörby
2014 TOYUKO, Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
2013 Refricater, Fotografi i Fokus, Fotobiennal, Malmö
2012 TOYUKO, Malmö Museer
2010 Refricater, Multeum, Strängnäs
2009 Refricater, Arbetets Museum, Norrköping
2009 Refricater, Kulturen, Lund
2009 Countryside, Galleri Lilith Waltenberg, Malmö
2009 Pleasantville, Fotografi i Fokus, Fotobiennal, Malmö
2008 Refricater, Hotel Tylösand, Halmstad
2008 Refricater, Svenska Ambassaden, Tokyo Japan
2006 Pleasantville, Fotogalleriet, Visby
2001 Future City, Sydsvenskans Galleri, Malmö
2000 I mitt landskap, Hallands Länsmuseum, Halmstad
1995 Hyr ett rum, Galleri Matador Halmstad
HAKODATE ,  ISBN: 978 91 986068 4 3, TIRA Books 2022
TOYUKO – A NON REAL LIFE LOVE EXPERIENCE  ISBN: 978 91 980125 2 1, Snapshot Publishing 2012
STADEN, HUSET OCH KORSET, text (swedish only) Åsa Järeslätt ISBN: 978 91 980125 0 7, Snapshot Publishing
2012 REFRICATER, Porträttserier av Christer Järeslätt, text (swedish only) Carl Johan De Geer och Lilith Waltenberg ISBN: 978 91 976 912 22, Sanatorium förlag 2008
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Working Grant 1995, 2005, 2006 and 2020
Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s Travel Grant 2017, 2018 and 2020 (2021)
Swedish Authors Funds’ Working Grant 2012
Swedish Association of Professional Photographers’ (SFF) Travel Grant and Kavala Residency Grant, 2011
Swedish Authors Funds’ Working Grant 2009
The Swedish Picture Suppliers Associations'(BLF) Grant 2006
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Christer Järeslätt

Stormgatan 6, 211 20 Malmö

mob. +46708918822