The city of Kavala climbs the steep hillside in northern Greece, not far from the Turkish border. From the port by the Aegian sea all the way to the top, where a big white cement-cross rises above the city as for protection or maybe as a reminder of the highest order. There’s a Swedish presence since 1936 in the form of The Swedish House, built by the Swedish Tobacco-monopoly to house the company’s superintendent and personel. Today the Tobacco-factory have become a museum and the Swedish House is administered by The Swedish Institute and made available to photographers, authors and illustrators as well as academic scholars of different topics. In 2011 I was awarded a grant to spend a week in the Swedish House. I used the time trying to grasp what the city was about, and my attention split into three different subjects: The House, the City and the Cross. From these three lines I formed my work. The work was assembled in a book; Staden, Huset och Korset together with notes by Åsa Järeslätt.  

Staden, Huset och Korset, ISBN: 978 91 980 125 07