By the light of street lamps and mobile phones

    I enjoy travelling back to cities I’ve previously visited. They are like organisms, developing and changing. Just as it is with children who grow: it’s not those who live alongside them, but the ones who meet the children more rarely, that see their development.
    In September 2017, my work took me back to Tokyo and Japan for the fourth time since the year 2000. During the day I had to work, but in the evenings, nights and early mornings, I could walk around in my favourite neighbourhoods from the years before; Asakusa, Ueno, Kanda, Iidabashi, Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku. Along the roads I’ve once walked, I try to find my way back to places I have visited in the past. They are insignificant and everyday urban environments, common residential areas with bus stops and small shops. Because it is here, in the ordinary, unspectacular, I find my images.
    I prefer to photograph in colour. Because light is made up of colours, the nature of its source determines the character of the light. Natural light has a different personality than electrical, artificial light. Windows and passing traffic contribute their tones. I rather pump up the volume of the dissonance, rather than let all instruments play the same harmony. In the colour tones of the streetlights and cell phones, headlights and storefronts, I see how life and light transforms the city. And, leaves in passing, evanescent and random traces.

    Japan 2017christer