JAPAN 2017

    In September 2017 I had the opportunity to visit Japan thanks to a contribution from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The purpose of my visit was to investigate and prepare for coming projects. During my 10 day stay I visited Tokyo, Sendai and Hakodate.
    I used all of my spare time (mainly night time) to shoot pictures during long walks. I always try to search for the streets and areas from my first visit to Tokyo to get a sense of how much change there’s been. Asakusa, Ueno, Kanda, Iidabashi, Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku are among the places’ I always enjoy to visit. This time I got a new part of the massive metropolis to add to my list of places of interest in Tokyo; Sangenjaya, an interesting area in the vicinity of Shibuya. Low storey buildings and small businesses and restaurants scattered around narrow streets.
    Sendai is a mini-Tokyo, with it’s million inhabitants it’s a graspable city with everything in close distance. An hours walk can take you from city center and shopping arcades through corporate buildings and residential areas to the outskirts of town.
    Hakodate is another story and a different project.


    Japan 2017christer