Hakodate, a sleepy city located at the most southern part of Hokkaido with almost 300,000 inhabitants, a small city suffering from depopulation. This was the first city in Japan that opened up to trade with the west, after the country’s era of isolation and used to be the most important port in northern Japan. Hakodate was soon host to several overseas consulates. The Russian consulate included a Eastern Orthodox chapel. The Orthodox church is neighbored by several other historical missionary churches, including Anglican and Catholic. Hakodate has experienced notable influence from overseas, including the foreign population’s former residential district and a western style fort and the city used to be the biggest city in Hokkaido before the Great Hakodate Fire of 1934. Hakodate also played a central role in the history of Hokkaido’s many struggles for independence from Japanese central government.

    I visited Hakodate very shortly in 2017 and this series of pictures are a study for an upcoming project. 

    Houses of Hakodatechrister