This landscape-project contains my whole learning process in black and white analog photography. From the age of 14 I was working all free time in a professional photolab, with access to professional equipment and various photochemical processes. As an eager teenager I was determined to learn to excel in the process of making black and white photographs, and I read every book and paper I could find on the subject. I experimented with different techniques and old recipes of developers, reducers, bleach, and toning. Taught myself Ansel Adams Zone-system and finally learned how to previsualize every single shade of grey in the final print an how to get there by a combination of exposure, colorfilters and developer. In short there’s an old analog rule to simplify the whole process:
– let the shadow determine the exposure and the highlight determine the development.

The final project contains images from 1978 to 1995, and since I was living in northern Halland when I started, and due to my young age I was limited to the places I could reach by walking or riding a bicycle. The geographical borders widened with my drivers license and soon I had covered most of Halland county. I kept going for sixteen years and countless amount of miles. I tried to make a book of the material, but wasn’t able to get enough funds. In 2001 I finally exhibited this body of work at Halmstad Art Museum. Almost one hundred prints, some enlarged to huge size, were shown at this single show. Now I could finally put an end to this project and it has never been shown publicly again.