In the fall of 1992 I arrived in Budapest Central Train Station for the first time. A city just recently released from the cold grip of the Soviet state and breathing free air again. You could feel the anticipation in the air, but also see an anxiety in people’s eyes as for someone who’d lost the structure of their lives.
    I was met at the station by an old lady offering private accommodation – common in many european countries at the time, and a way for people to make extra money from their spare rooms. ”Fairly central location” turned out to be a 30 minutes bus-ride up the hill on Buda-side of the River Danube to a little village of maybe twenty houses. The woman showed me to my reasonably priced room in the rather big villa housing a restaurant on the ground floor. When leaving the house for the bus to the city, I looked into the restaurant and I got a quick glimpse of the waitress serving one of the tables. Immediately she struck me as certainly being the most beautiful woman in all of Hungary…
    I was indeed not the only one to admire her beauty, and during the five days I stayed in Budapest I saw her being courted by the same number of young men.

    Lately I’ve had the opportunity to visit Budapest several times, but I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as the girl from my visit in 1992.

    Notes from Budapestchrister